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Guarneri Viola 1664

Andrea Guarneri 1664

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Violas are somewhat more difficult to state a "standard model" as, in contrast to the violin there are not many basic dimensions that are considered uniform. I will build violas of any size for specific commissions but the model that I have found works quite well is one of my own design. It is based on Guarneri del Gesu violin styling and proportion and as such provides very well for the needs of today's concert musician. The body length of this design is 16" although this can be modified per request of the musician. Using this model I have built instruments as small as 15 1/2" through 16 3/4".

Jaime Laredo has graciously agreed to allow me to post portions of his recording of the Shostakovitch "Sonata for Viola and Piano Op. 147" . This was recorded using his Borman viola with dimensions of 15 7/8" and features Joseph Kalichstein on piano.

Please click these links to hear various sections of the piece:

Moderato     Adagio 1     Adagio 2

The world premier of the Harbison Viola Concerto was also played on a Borman viola.

Special "copy" commissions are also available. For more information, please contact me through the "contact" page of this website.

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