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Front view of violin made by Tery Borman in 2006

Terry Borman 2006


I make my varnish from Venetian turpentine reduced to a solid consistency and then re-liquefied using various oils. Assorted resins are then added to achieve the luster that is necessary to give the patina of age to my instruments. I apply a very thin layer of this varnish, working this layer to achieve the desired result. This is the only full brushed on layer as the rest of the varnish is applied with a 1mm. brush which allows me to highlight the character of the underlying wood rather than cover it. 

The majority of my instruments are finished to give the soft, warm, look and feel of an instrument that is 100 years old but in museum quality condition.  Please see the photographs in "Photos of Recent Instruments" for a better idea of the look of my instruments. You can also click here to see the varnish on one of my instruments after 22 years of use.


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