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Guarneri del Gesu 1742

Client Testimonials
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"I really am every excited about my new violin and again, congratulations!
You get better and better as the years go by, like fine wine!"
- Jaime Laredo 2014 (upon acquiring his 4th Borman instrument)

"I'm delighted with the fine violin you made for me. The tonal qualities are
outstanding and continue to develop beautifully.
Your violin has nothing to worry about next to the Titian." (his Strad) - Cho-Liang Lin

"I just got back from a tour of Israel, everyone coming backstage after the concerts
thought that I was playing a Guarneri del Gesu!" - Nicolas Kendall, Time for Three

"One of these days you're going to be more famous than me." - Pinchas Zukerman

"With all my admiration for your truly marvelous work and
many thanks for my beautiful fiddle." - Jaime Laredo 1999

"My new violin is doing great! It's so easy to go back and forth between it and
my Strad. Thanks so much once again." - Jose-Luis Garcia Asensio

"3 of your instruments graced the stage at our benefit concert....Jaime's viola,
his violin, and my cello! It was awesome....wish you could have been there.
I'm really enjoying your cello. My other one is going through a 'difficult to play" stage, so
yours is bringing me a lot of pleasure..." - Sharon Robinson

"Your instrument was different than other new instruments that I've seen and felt; more
like an old master instrument. It's hard to believe both visually and tonally, that
this is a new instrument." - Victor Danchenko

This generation's del Gesu! With admiration and thanks." - Pamela Frank

"In my opinion, the ultimate test for a violin lies in Carnegie Hall.
I recently had the opportunity to play there with a quartet, and it was
with great pleasure that I told those who asked if I was playing a
Stradivarius that I play a new violin by Terry Borman. I'm forever grateful to
Mr. Borman for his continued relationship with clients, and for
helping me to find my way out of the endless search for an
old Italian instrument. I am more than content with the
quality of his craftsmanship, as well as the sound the instrument produces.
I know I'll use this instrument for many years to come." - Benjamin Bowman

"With great admiration and appreciation. Thank you for giving me the
chance to own a concert violin without having to win the lottery." - Dennis Kim

"I just played my New York debut at the 92nd St. Y on my Borman!
I had the option of borrowing several fine classical Italian instruments but felt, and
sounded the best on my Borman!" - Nicolas Kendall, Time for Three

I've just returned from Moscow, Russia where I performed Mozart's Sinfonia
Concertante in the Big Hall of the Moscow Conservatory. For this concert
I used your (my!) Instrument made in 1996 and I am happy to tell you that the
violin sounded extremely well. The concert was a great success
and many people who came to congratulate me were admiring the
wonderful sound of the instrument and were convinced that it was by
Guarneri del Gesu." - Victor Danchenko

"Brilliant work! You've just saved me a million dollars!" - Peter deSotto, Quartetto Gelato

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