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Center for Computer Research in Acoustics and Music - Stanford University

Cold Weather Makes Better Violins - ABC News Science Online

Comparison of Wood Density Between Classic Cremonese and Modern Violins

Computed Tomography (CT) and Modal Analysis of the Vieuxtemps Guarneri del Gesu

Computed Tomography for Analyzing Instruments of the Violin Family with a Focus on the Future

Construction of the Violin in 2D and 3D iso lines

Cremona Revisited - The Science of Violin Making (CalTech)

Georgia State University - Hyperphysics and Stringed Instruments


High Resolution Photography for Instrument Makers - VSA Papers

History of the Famous Guarnerius Family of Violin Makers

PhysicsWeb - Science & the Stradivarius

Path Through the Woods; The Use of Medical Imaging in Examining Historical Instruments - The Strad Magazine

A Physicist’s Quest for the Secrets of the Stradivari

Resonance of the Violin

Scientific American - Secrets of the Stradivarius

Smithsonian Institiute - Guarneri Family of Violin Makers

Smithsonian Institute - Stradivarius Violins

Standing Waves and the Violin

ThinkQuest - The Violin

Violin Acoustics - University of New South Wales Physics Dept

Violin Bows - History and How They Are Made

Violin Physics

Why is the Violin so Hard to Play? - +Plus Magazine - Living Mathematics

Wikpedia - Guarneri Family of Violin Makers

Wikpedia - Antonio Stradivari

Wikpedia - The Violin

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