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Side view of cello made for Amos Yang in 1994 by Terry Borman, luthier

Terry Borman 1994


The cello model that I currently use is based on the "Davidov" Stradivari. This is the ex-Jacqueline du Pres and current instrument of Yo-Yo Ma. I have used this model for several years now and musicians have been quite pleased with the results. This model is able to to produce the rich, full lower end that most consider a sound trait of the Montagnana and Gofriller celli yet doing so without their excessive girth.

As opposed to the current trend of modern cello makers to use willow and other less expensive woods for the back, ribs and scroll, I still make my instruments with only the finest maple woods. Special "copy" commissions are also available. For more information, please contact me through the "contact" page of this website.

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