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Front view of violin made in 2004 by Terry Borman, luthier

Terry Borman 2004

Personal Vitae
Terry Borman violin maker

My formal training began when I apprenticed to a French violin maker in the 1970’s and was followed by seven years of apprenticeship with various violin makers in France. Aside from the instruments of the violin family, I have built many instruments of its historical family to better understand the evolution in the production of sound to its culmination in the instruments of Stradivari and Guarneri del Gesu.

After this period, and after having graduated from the Violin Making School of America I set up shop in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1986.  My shop remained in Salt Lake City for the following 19 years after which I relocated to the Ozark Mountains just outside of Fayetteville, Arkansas. 

At this point I have been a violin maker for 38 years and I am proud of the reputation I have built.  I am especially proud of the fact that many of today's most well known musicians have acquired multiple instruments of mine over the years; affirming the fact that not only do my instruments retain their sound quality but that they improve with time.  I also feel that any of my clients would be happy to attest to the quality of follow through and long term care that I provide my clients and instruments.

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